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Lest We Forget - September 11, 2001 Revisited
September 11, 2006


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The United States of America was invaded in a series of coordinated suicide terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.  Many words have been written about that day.  Guidry News Service talked to several people who were near the World Trade Center or in Washington, D.C. where the attacks took place.

We have revisited some of those people to get their perspective after five years have elapsed.

But first, let us pause to listen to a song written
by Texas musician Lucky Boyd, who captured the horror of many of the people trapped in the World Trade Center who had time only to leave a message on answering machines in the homes of their spouses and parents. "In The Blink of An Eye.

The first direct word we received from New York City was from Jessica Green, through her mother, Galveston City Attorney Susie Green. Listen  Jessica was in Manhattan just three blocks from the World Trade Center. Photo and Map

"She had just come out of the subway with her roommate when they saw the World Trade Center on fire," Susie Green, said reporting her daughter's telephone call to Guidry News Service.  "As she is talking to me, she's standing watching, right there.  She said 'Mom the other building, the middle of the building has blown out.  It's a bomb!'." 

Two years after the events, Susie, in her office at City Hall, and Jessica, at home in New York, recalled the day and shared their thoughts in perspective.  Listen

Shrub and Peaches Kempner were in Manhattan that day, as well, and talked to Guidry News Service from their hotel room on the night of the attacks.  Listen   One year later, in September 2002 Kempner reviewed the year.  Listen 

On the fifth anniversary of the attacks, Kempner is again in New York City.  Before he left Galveston, he and Peaches participated in a new interview. Listen Download

"The essential thing is, that I am going to be there on 911," Kempner said.  "I refuse utterly to let them change my way of living, even if I have to have minor inconveniences.  The real issue is whether we will give up what made us a great country in the name of safety."

Congressman Nick Lampson was in the White House when the first plane hit the World Trade Center in New York, unaware that he may have been at ground zero for an attack that was thwarted by brave passengers of Flight 93, which was believed to be aimed at either the White House or the Capitol.  Listen.

"I left the White House at about five minutes to nine, not knowing that this had happened," Lampson said, adding that he heard the news when he arrived at his office in the Cannon Building.  "My staff was in shock when I walked in the door."

On September 11, 2002, we reviewed the year following the attacks with Lampson. Listen 

This year, on the fifth anniversary, we revisited the day with Lampson.  Listen Download

United States Senator John Cornyn issued a statement on the fifth anniversary.  Statement

"September 11th was a day that changed the world forever, and it is important that we learn from it. We owe to the victims, to their survivors and to every American to recommit ourselves to fight and win this war that threatens to kill more Americans both here and abroad," Cornyn said.  "We will remain vigilant.  And we will always remember those who lost their lives.  What we owe future generations is to meet the challenge of this threat and to live up to the test presented us by this new kind of enemy."  

On September 11, 2003 Jamaica Beach Mayor Vic Pierson and his wife Janice were in New York City for the 911 Memorial Services. He reported on the mood of the city prior to the ceremony.  Listen   After the ceremony, Pierson reported again.  Listen

We have two powerful PowerPoint presentations that circulated through the email.
This one was produced shortly after the event.  Click Here  
This one was added in 2002.  Click Here


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