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Scholes International Airport
March 30, 2005 

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Galveston Air Traffic Control TowerGalveston Air Traffic Control Tower
Receives Cab on March 30 at 10:30 a.m.

Galveston’s Scholes International Airport will install a “cab” on the Air Traffic Control Tower at 10:30 a.m. Thursday. 

Airport Director Hud Hopkins said the new tower will change the airport from a Class C to a Class D air space.

"They will have air controllers that will move the aircraft when they are on the ground and when they are in the air and tell them when they can and when they cannot land, and where they can land" Hopkins said.  "It will control the skies a little bit more and make the air a little bit safer than it already is."  Listen   Download

Hopkins said that six air traffic controllers will be employed by the Federal Aviation Administration at Scholes Field.

"We've actually had a few of them already come down here and take a look at homes," Hopkins said.  "Hopefully that will be six new families on Galveston Island."

The new 72-foot tower should be complete in June 2005. The tower will give a clear view of the airport and surrounding area. The tower cab is where the controllers will work. 

The total cost of the tower is $1.8 million dollars; 90 percent of the cost is funded by the Texas Department of Transportation Aviation Division and the remainder is from City of Galveston funds. 

Additionally, Hud Hopkins, Director of Scholes International Airport, was recently named General Aviation Airport Manager of the Year by the Texas Department of Transportation. See the TXDot Press release below.

Hud Hopkins Hud Hopkins, Director of Scholes International Airport

Local airport manager 
awarded top honor

AUSTIN – Hud Hopkins has been selected as the 2005 Airport Manager of the Year by the Texas Department of Transportation.

The award was presented at the 23rd Annual Texas Aviation Conference held in Austin recently.

Hopkins is manager of the Scholes International Airport at Galveston. He has been labeled by some as one of the best property manager/airport managers in Texas.

He manages the 1200-acre facility, which supports the offshore oil industry, and as a result, is the largest heliport in the State of Texas.

Hopkins has led progress in a number of facility improvements, which have been continuous during his tenure. Under his leadership capital improvement projects have improved taxiways, drainage, and runways. He currently has oversight for a new control tower and water park, both currently under construction on airport property.

Hopkins is also recognized for the excellent working relationships he has maintained with the city council, the Federal Aviation Administration, U. S. Congress members, and TxDOT.

The aviation conference was co-hosted by the Texas Department of Transportation and the Texas Airport Management Association. Participants included airport managers, city and county officials and the Federal Aviation Administration.

For more information, call Becky Bates, TxDOT Aviation Division, (512) 416- 4508.



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