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Victor Lang Remembers
Bernardo de Galvez Statue Should Be Moved To Galveston
by Anthony Margan of Arlington, Virginia
Monday, November 05, 2007

Dear Mr. Lang,

Regarding the statue of Bernardo de Galvez in Foggy Bottom

I know that you’ve done quite a bit of research and writing on this subject – I’ve searched the web, and your name came up.  

My name is Anthony Margan.   I live in Arlington, VA, and I often ride my bike past this statue and lament that hardly anyone ever notices or appreciates this statue of a little known American Hero.  It is one of the least known statues and sites in DC. 

This statue needs a new home – a proper and dignified home – too be truly appreciated and enjoyed.  Perhaps it needs to be relocated to the center of The City of Galveston, or on The Strand or on the Waterfront ?  It’s a shame that large evergreen bushes currently surround, encroach and conceal parts of this statue.    

In my humble opinion - all it takes to move this statue from DC to Galveston is (1) the stated desire (formal letters or petitions) from the City Mayor and the President of the Galveston Historical Foundation, (2) the backing of one of the two US Senators from Texas (Senator Hutchison from nearby La Marque?) and (3) a small but energized cheerleading group - a "committe of volunteers".  

With President Bush soon to leave office, now would be the best time to make this happen.

Why am I interested?   Well, call me a closet historian.  Galvez is an unknown and underappreciated Hero of the American Revolution.   I also travel occasionally to Galveston (to visit TAMUG) and I’ve learned to appreciate and enjoy Galveston over the years.   It’s a shame that your city’s namesake has a statue obscured in an inconspicuous spot over a thousand miles away.  

Let’s do something about it.

For starters, a small committee of volunteers is needed, perhaps part of the GHF.  Then, letters from the Mayor and the new GHF President to Senator Hutchison.   Then, the committee should meet with Hutchison in her local office or DC office, to make the case, face to face.  Then, a letter from Hutchison to President Bush.   Then, a simple Executive Order signed by the President.  

Of course, the costs of removing, shipping and reinstalling the statue in Galveston would probably have to be borne by a local non-profit, like the GHF.  I imagine that the GHF could find wealthy local donors and local contractors to donate their money and resources towards this effort.

Maybe I’m just being naïve, but this seems to be doable.

What do you think ?   I welcome your thoughts and observations.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Anthony Margan      
Arlington, Virginia


Victor Lang responds:

Mr. Margan,

I think the idea of getting the statue here is a terrific idea. I think Kay (Bailey Hutchison) would be more than glad to take part in such an effort.

Mr. Margan, you mention coming to Galveston to visit TAMUG. For eleven years now I have been teaching Speech Communication at TAMUG. You must come and visit me the next time you are here and we can discuss the Galvez statue project.


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