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College of the Mainland
Continuing Education Students
News Release
Sunday, March 20, 2011


From left to right, Yuvette Lawson and Bonnie Walker, who both work at NASA Bone & Joint Specialists, LLP., stand in front of some of the files they work with on a daily basis.Two College of the Mainland Continuing Education students have obtained rewarding jobs after completing COM’s Medical Billing course. Yuvette Lawson was recently hired at NASA Bone & Joint Specialists, LLP in Nassau Bay.  Bonnie Walker, who was already employed by NASA Bone & Joint, has been promoted.

Lawson began working at the front desk, checking patients in and out for NASA Bone & Joint Specialists, LLP. 

“The medical billing course allowed me to understand the story that the billing process tells, from when a patient checks in to receiving payment from the insurance agency,” said Lawson. “Yuvette has been able to quickly understand the process and why she does the process due to her classroom training,” said Patricia Quinlan, practicing manager at NASA Bone & Joint.

Walker now works directly for one of the doctors in billing and collections.  She was working for the doctors’ office for two years before taking the course.” I had been looking into what I could do that would provide better pay and give me training for the job I was already doing,” said Walker. She didn’t know a medical billing course was even available until seeing about it on the COM website. According to Quinlan, Walker’s work proficiencies in billing and collections improved as she took the course. “The course allowed me to understand the coding and now I am able to understand and code the paperwork faster,” said Walker, “I have the book from the course on my desk to refer back to if I need help understanding something.“

“I would recommend taking the medical billing course. It isn’t a long course. It will show you the things you need to know for coding and billing and the basics you would need to pursue a career,” explained Walker. Quinlan highly recommends education at any point in a person’s life. She always tells students “that knowledge is the only commodity that can’t be taken from you, can’t be stolen, can’t be burned and can’t be lost.” According to Lawson, “The course is a great benefit to helping you get a job in the medical industry.” Both women said the course peaked their interest and they are now looking into taking the health information management course.

The COM Continuing Education Medical Billing is an entry-level course that examines the principles of medical insurance and reimbursements. Basic information to the assigning and reporting of medical codes are discussed and practiced.  This course also overviews the various types of insurances to include private and government policies.

Students who have completed the Medical Billing course at COM take the National Health Career Association (NHA) Billing and Coding Specialist Certification exam at the end of the course. This is a national certification that demonstrates the student’s commitment to the Billing and Coding profession and to the patients they serve.

COM offers the course during the spring, fall and summer semesters. The spring and fall semesters are 16-week courses, while the summer semester is a 13-week course. The summer semester will begin in early June and run through August 2011. For more information on continuing education classes or medical billing, contact the Continuing Education office at 409-933-8586.

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