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A Message from Pastor Donald Lee

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kingdom approach to marriage, if applied, will cut rate of divorce in churches


I recently was asked why I believe the divorce rate in churches is climbing. I was also asked what I believe needs to happen to curtail its effects. My response:


Google “Real Daddy Radio,” which is a blogtalkradio broadcast (hosted by “Minister Wayne”) that featured the book, “Married to Commitment,” a book on building and maintaining healthy relationships that I co-authored with prayer partner Brigitte “Bre” Eaton. When you Google the program, look for the show titled “As It Is in Heaven” which aired March 21, 2011.


The Holy Spirit shares insight on this in “Married to Commitment,” published by Orlando, Fla.-based Xulon Press Christian self-publishing company. Response to the questions: People in the church came out of the “world.”


Before pursuing God, they selected mates based on fleshly criteria: A woman drawn to a man because he has a “six pack” of an abdomen, wide chest, he’s popular in the community or he tells her everything that (on the surface) is soothing to her ears.


The man pursues a woman because her figure is a 36”-24”-36” and “she’s the baddest thang in the club.” She ignores his financial irresponsibility; he wants to flaunt her around like a trophy.


They marry out of lust. Both have ignored all the red flags suggesting that marriage would be a mistake.


So, when marital problems surface, they tend to deal with those issues based on how they "feel" rather than seeking wise counsel.


Feelings change. But the Holy Spirit helps to develop the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22,23), including meekness and longsuffering, among other components. Couples bearing the fruit of the Spirit refuse to allow emotions to rule them.


Lastly, people who were already in church must go beyond the "I-go-to-church-every-Sunday" mentality and start engrossing themselves in the Kingdom way of thinking.


When couples who are “going through” in their marriages apply Kingdom principles, the Word is their final authority.


When God's people share His thoughts (Romans 12:1,2), we'll see the divorce rate in churches (whatever that rate may be) drop. Also, listen to, where radio personality Kheri Hines interviews me in the two-hour segment called “Married to Commitment”.


Donald Lee is founder of Kingdom Living Christian Center, a church in southwest Dallas that teaches the how-to part of walking by faith. The book “Married to Commitment” can be obtained by calling Xulon Press toll-free at (866) 909-2665 or ordering it online at


The book’s also in local Christian bookstores. The ISBN number is 978-1-61215-779-5. Join Pastor Lee at 10 a.m. each Sunday for the sowing of the Word and at 7 p.m. each Thursday for Bible study via teleconference toll-free (760) 466-8123 (conference code: 279498#). You can also follow Pastor Lee on Twitter. He’s at @donaldj_lee.


Financial donations to this ministry may be sent to: Kingdom Living Christian Center, P.O. Box 211186, Dallas, TX 75211-4303.

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