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Wednesday, August 31, 2011



Houston, TX -- On September 1, Texas is eliminating a years-long practice of posting different daytime and nighttime speed limits. This change has been a long time coming, according to Henry B. Stowe, an activist for the National Motorists Association.


The National Motorists Association ( was instrumental in repealing the National Maximum speed limit in 1995. Traffic engineers use speed studies to determine correct speed limits for different roadway segments. The primary factor is the prevailing speed of traffic, defined as the 85thpercentile speed. The 85thpercentile speed is where traffic accident involvement is statistically the lowest.


Stowe explains that the Texas DOT will be studying traffic flow and accident history before raising the speed limits on rural highways from 70 to 75 mph. Stowe does not believe that every road will be changed to 75 mph. In the six county Houston area, the 65 mph environmental speed limits will remain in effect. In Liberty County, the speed limits will not change as well. "We believe that these arbitrary distinctions are counterproductive" Stowe said. "The Houston region, an area larger than New Jersey, will retain the 65 mph speed limit to comply with the politically compromised environmental speed limits mandated in this area."


Stowe says that the removal of the nighttime cap of 65 mph is a constructive and needed change. However, regardless of the speed limit, drivers can insure safer night time travel by following a few practical rules:


1. Check headlight operation. ALWAYS replace burned out headlights.


2. Clean headlights before traveling. If lenses are discolored, there are commercially available restoration kits and professional shops that can restore the lenses to their original clarity.


3. Drive at speeds within your comfort zone. Remember that a speed limit is a limit, not a mandatory target that all motorists must travel. Faster traffic can always pass in the left lane


The National Motorists Association favors speed limits that reflect prevailing travel speeds. The 70-75 mph limits are reasonable limits for nighttime driving on good highways in good weather conditions. The National Motorists Association urges motorists to always use their good judgment, not just speed limit signs, when adjusting their speed to accommodate existing travel conditions.


For More Information, contact Henry Stowe at 407-375-8445 or


Henry Stowe, NMA Activist, is a resident of Cypress Texas.

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