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Texas City Independent School District
News Release
Friday, January 20, 2012

Last week, Texas City ISD held its 2nd Annual District Wide Elementary Science Fair at the Doyle Convention Center. Students had to qualify to compete at the District level based on their scores at their school’s Science Fair. Students competing included 3rd and 4th grade students from Heights, Kohfeldt, Northside and Roosevelt-Wilson Elementary schools and 5th and 6th grade students from Levi Fry Intermediate School. The winners are:

3rd Grade Winners

Front row, left to right, Emily Hudnall, 1st Place Physics; Hunter Yancey, 2nd Place Behavioral/Health Science; Hayley Craton, 3rd Place Behavioral/Health Science; Kyla Earl, 3rd Place Chemistry; Kayla Montalbano, 1st Place Earth/Space Science; Caitlin Wilson, 2nd Place Earth/Space Science; Ricky Motte, 3rd Place Earth/Space Science; Audrey Castro, 2nd Place Physics; and Kaley Mares, 2nd Place Chemistry. Back row, left to right, Summer Bentinck, 3rd Place Physics; Holly Walker, 1st Place Behavioral/Health Science; Amber Steber, 1st Place Biology; Jackson Wray, 2nd Place Biology; Avery Feagin 3rd Place Biology; and Kaitlynn Reed, 1st Place Chemistry.

4th Grade Winners

Front row, left to right, Ali Alaniz, 1st Place Physics; Samantha Bundy, 3rd Place Behavioral/Health Science; Tyler Spencer, 2nd Place Earth/Space Science; Carolina Holt, 1st Place, Earth/Space Science; Brayden Torres, 1st Place Chemistry; and Andrew Martin, 2nd Place Chemistry. Back row, left to right, Evan Landrum, 1st Place Behaviora/Health Science; Demi Hildebrand, 2nd Place Behavioral/Health Science; Miguel Hernandez III, 2nd Place Physics; Shane Baker, 1st Place Biology; Christian Guerrero, 3rd Place Biology; Alayah Washington, 3rd Place Chemistry; and Jordyn Cheatham, 3rd Place Physics. Not pictured are Ashley Pretty, 2nd Place Biology and Elizabeth Carter, 3rd Place Earth/Space Science.

5th Grade Winners

Front row, left to right, Riley Spangler, 1st Place Behavioral/Medical; Megan McKnight, 1st Place Earth/Space Science; Colton Nowak, 1st Place Biology; Makesa Billiot, 3rd Place Earth/Space Science; Roberto Serda, 3rd Place Biology; Erin Hipp, 2nd Place Chemistry; and Gage Owens, 1st Place Physics. Back row, left to right, Cristobal Ramos, 2nd Place Behavioral/Health Science; Audrianna Slowey, 3rd Place Behavioral/Health Science; Sandra Rayas, 2nd Place Biology; Bo Steber, 2nd Place Earth/Space Science; Aubrey Dyson, 3rd Place Chemistry; Mia Tortorici, 2nd Place Physics; and Morgan Perry, 3rd Place Physics. Not pictured is Madison Pretty, 1st Place Chemistry.

6th Grade Winners

Front row, left to right, Tristan Langford, 1st Place Behavioral/Health Science; Tierney Zarazua, 2nd Place, Biology; Kenneth Knight, 1st Place Biology; C.J. Salinas, 3rd Place Physics; Mason Quigley,1st Place Earth/Space Science; Daniela Betancourt, 1st Place Physics. Back row, left to right, Blake Villareal, 2nd Place Behavioral/Health Science; Iliana Salinas, 3rd Place Behavioral/Health Science; Stephanie Valdez, 2nd place Earth/Space Science; Zane Ortiz, 3rd Place Biology; Neal Cruz, 1st Place Chemistry; Marissa Angel, 2nd Place Chemistry; Lizzie Minor, 3rd Place Biology; and Logan Bonner, 2nd Place Physics.

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