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May 5, 2018 Election Returns
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Jay Old for Congress Campaign
News Release
Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Message from Jay

I hate standing in line, don’t you?  Some think it is a necessary evil, but not me. Remember standing in line to renew your driver's license?  No one has to like that one.  

Some lines can be fun to stand in, like for concerts or sporting events. Ann Clary and I once stood in line with 450,000 people at the Indy 500. That was pretty cool, although once was enough for me!

Why am I talking about standing in line?  I believe there is one line we should do away with altogether. That is the line republican candidates frequently stand in while waiting "their turn" to be nominated to run for office.   Don't get me wrong, I am all about putting experienced, qualified conservatives up to represent the Republican Party in elections.  The solution, however, is ensuring voters get to decide which candidate "deserves" a nomination.  No candidate should be handed a nomination just because he or she has “paid their dues.”    Ideas matter and that’s why this election matters so much. 

Through my candidacy, I am asking voters to put convention aside.  I am asking voters to pull  a “new” option out of line and put that candidate up for nomination.

These are critical times in the democratic experiment we call America.  Right now, the “patient” is very, very sick.  We cannot afford to run through all the other options.  What if Ronald Reagan had beat Gerald Ford?  We might never have endured Jimmy Carter and “Billy Beer.” And Bob Dole?  Giving him his turn gave us Bill Clinton, and a veto of the ban on partial birth abortions along the way. 

I believe the time for our area and America is now.  We must change the Washington culture – or send someone there who’ll effectively stand up to it.  I will not tolerate standing in line before making our point.  I’m asking for the job of representing you because I’m unhappy with the status quo, not because I want to join it. 

In the past, I have inspired others to get involved and to serve our community, my church and my profession.  I can do it again.  I will lead using the same abilities that have given me success thus far. 

In me, you have a history of sacrificial service to our community.  Through your involvement and our leadership we will transform this country for the better.  I know I’m asking for a change from the norm.  The times demand action now, for leaders, not political benchwarmers.  I know we can make it happen if we work together.


Jay Old

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