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Monday, February 13, 2012

Government Overreaching...

Message from Jay


I do not like government intruding in my life. In fact, I am fed up with a government that operates as if it knows my family or me better than I do  The notion that my government knows what light bulb is best for me really rubs me wrong. If you haven't seen the video of Senator Rand Paul chewing out the government bureaucrat on this point - her "pro-choice" position - you need to. You will laugh a bit but then get pretty somber as you realize how much government intrusion we have quietly allowed into our lives.


Speaking of intrusion, pretty much everyone I talk to is opposed to  "Obamacare" these days. Want to get an audience response?  Rail against Obamacare.  Don't know the answer to a question on the economy?  Just say "Obamacare must go!"  The applause will drown out those who realize that is not the answer to the question.


There are some serious intrusions in that law which we need to all take note of for reasons far beyond the problems that particular law presents.  Did you know that the law requires employers to provide insurance that pays for "preventative care" at no cost to employees? While the concept sounds great, the devil, shall we say, is in the details.


For example, our federal government defines "preventative care" to include contraceptives - even post-conception. Only religious institutions that "primarily" employ or serve persons of that faith are exempt. So, for example, a Catholic hospital would have to "primarily employ" or "primarily serve" only Catholics to avoid being forced to pay for contraception or a "morning after" pill despite their faith's strong objection. Their option? Stop hiring and serving non-Catholics or move their healthcare operations out of our country.


The American government has no right to force us to abandon our faith, much less our personal freedom to serve one group or person's political agenda.  We need to encourage employers to provide medical benefits, not force them to at all cost.  We need to support non-profits that supply much needed services like medical care, not drive them out of our country or out of business.


Send a leader to Washington whose policy choices reflect your values, not someone else's social agenda.




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