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Updates on publisher Jim Guidry's Health Crisis and Recovery
by Jim and Lynda Guidry
Monday, November 02, 2015

Monday, November 2 - This will be the final weekly update on my condition. My recovery from heart surgery and complications is continuing at home thanks to the help of visiting therapists and I am again contributing to the publication of and Gulf Coast E-news,

Lynda and I are deeply grateful for the many emails, cards, calls and visits and all manner of encouragement and offers of assistance from family and friends and fans of our publications during the past five months.  There is no doubt that your prayers and positive thoughts have helped to get us to this point.

Thanks again to Lynda, Garrett, John and the others on the GNS team for the continuous coverage of news on the Texas/Louisiana Gulf Coast during my illness.  Jim Guidry

Monday, October 26
- Home at Last!  My Friends, on Thursday, October 22, I returned to our home and office in Midtown Houston,  21 weeks after quadruple bi-pass surgery on my heart.

I am far from up to speed, but I was able to help our managing editor, Garrett Bryce, and Lynda post some weather bulletins during the weekend.  When I regain more of my strength, I plan to post an elaborate report on this experience.

As always I want to thank the GNS team that has worked so well together in my absence to continue providing our audience with current, accurate information.  Jim

Monday, October 19 - Jim has been doing so well with his physical therapies that he has been deemed ready to return home!  The plan is for his release from HMRC on Thursday, October 22.  Needless to say, he and I are very eager to see Thursday come.  Home-based therapy will continue for an undesignated period of time.  We are confident that being home will help to make all the hard-won progress more real for both of us.  I will continue to post weekly updates until after the Thanksgiving holiday, which we are very much looking forward to.  Thanksgiving has always been our favorite secular observance and this year's celebration will certainly have heightened significance for us.  

Thank you for your interest and concern and of course, for your prayers and well wishes!  Lynda

Monday, October 12
- What a difference a week makes!  I'm pleased to report that Jim has been responding very well to the strength and endurance training he's receiving at Houston Methodist Rehabilitation Center.  The rule of thumb is that for every day a person is in bed, it takes three days to regain the muscle mass and strength lost.  Jim was virtually bed-bound for three and a half months. 

Since last Tuesday, Jim has become much more self-reliant and mobile.  He's eating and sleeping well and meeting each day with the same sense of purpose and intensity as he does in covering a news event.

He and I are so grateful for the kind notes and calls of encouragement and we're especially proud of our managing editor, Garrett Bryce and reporter, John David Suayan, whose work on behalf of Guidry News has garnered much praise from our audience and those who depend on our service for current, accurate, unbiased information.  We're also grateful to Lora-Marie Bernard and Jennifer Olin for their excellent feature reports and to Robert Mihovil and Juan Pena for their splendid photojournalism and community news contributions. All those prayers and positive thoughts are working!  Lynda

Tuesday, October 6 - Jim's move to the TIRR rehabilitation facility was delayed by a week, but allowed Jim to take advantage of an opportunity to go to Houston Methodist Rehabilitation Center instead.  The doctors who have been caring for Jim for the past four months will be able to follow his progress at Methodist and to participate in any further medical care that he might need. 

Today he is going through orientation sessions with his doctors, therapists and nursing staff in his new digs.  Tomorrow he'll be settling into a routine of intensive strength and stamina training. We're expecting that he will be coming home by the end of October.

If you wish to communicate with Jim, his email address, is still the best method to send him a note of encouragement.  We appreciate all the prayers and well wishes.  Please keep them coming!  Lynda

Monday, October 5

Jim is moving today from Kindred Hospital to Methodist Rehabilitation Center in the Texas Medical Center. An expanded update will be posted on Tuesday. Lynda

Monday, September 28 - Jim had a good week and is feeling more like himself every day.  We're waiting to be transferred to TIRR Memorial Hermann Rehab Hospital this week.  That's all the news I have for now.  Please keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming our way.  Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and continued interest in our journey.  Lynda

Monday, September 21 - More good news!  In the past 13 days Jim has been freed from the ventilator and the tracheostomy tube has been removed from his throat. He now breathes on his own, is regaining his beautiful speaking voice and is getting used to normal eating and drinking.
His doctors, nurses and therapists are amazed and delighted by his remarkable determination and accomplishment. 

The plan is for Jim to be leaving Kindred Hospital very soon and going to either Methodist Acute Rehabilitation Center or
TIRR Memorial Hermann Rehab Hospital in the Texas Medical Center for two weeks of in-patient care and intensive therapy prior to going HOME!

God's grace and the efforts of many have brought Jim to this point and I am so grateful to be able to plan for his return home and to a normal, healthy, productive life.

As always, I ask that Jim be remembered in your daily prayers and positive thoughts.  Many thanks for your concern and well wishes!  Lynda

Monday, September 14
– Jim is quickly reaching the point where he will need less medical management and nursing and graduate to a more intensive rehabilitation regimen to recover his strength and to regain lost weight and muscle.

Although this is very good news and very exciting, I ask that everyone please continue to keep Jim in their daily prayers and positive thoughts; that his progress will continue without complications or setbacks. We are longing for this hellish experience to be in our rear view mirror. 

We appreciate the many comments and notes from our audience telling us that they have seen no signs of our personal struggles in Guidry News Service publications or in the performance of our able and dedicated team.  Lynda

Tuesday, September 8
–  As Jim gains strength and his lung function improves, his doctors, nurses and therapists are beginning to get to know the real Jim Guidry. Most of the time he is gracious and witty, but his patience for the often chaotic and intrusive hospital environment wears thin very quickly.  Jim’s team of doctors are very pleased by his response to the  aggressive course of treatment they deemed necessary to free him from dependence on a ventilator for his breathing.

Being able to breathe on his own will allow him to progress in his physical therapies and to venture outside of his hospital room.  With increasing strength Jim is looking forward to setting up his temporary hospital office so he can respond to email and confer with our editor, Garrett Bryce, on the daily workings of Guidry News Service.

We really appreciate all the prayers and good wishes being sent our way and ask that our audience, colleagues, friends and family continue on this journey with us.  We’ve come a long way and with your help will be fully recovered and back among you all very soon. - Lynda

Monday, August 31- Jim continues to gain strength and stamina.  His respiratory and physical therapists are encouraged by his resolve. This week will be a busy one in order to maintain his momentum.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

With August coming to a close, we are keenly aware that the month of September is the month to get through without a storm in the Gulf of Mexico.  Jim and I encourage everyone to review their hurricane plan and be prepared for a major weather event. We wish all a pleasant Labor Day weekend and look forward to our next progress report on Tuesday, September 8. - Lynda

Monday, August 24- It’s hard to believe that Jim is entering his fourth month of a harrowing journey of survival.  He’s going into his third month as a patient at Kindred Hospital in the Texas Medical Center.

 When a person’s heart and lungs are compromised at the same time it takes an extraordinary effort on the part of many to give the patient the best possible chances of recovery.  And it takes an extraordinary amount of courage on the part of the patient to not become so overwhelmed by the challenge that they give up the fight.

I’m pleased to say that Jim’s determination has brought him to a point now where his doctors and therapists are encouraged that he will succeed in returning home and to his favorite pursuits. It’s a slow process, but caution is essential in avoiding any setbacks.

So I hope our family and friends, customers and colleagues will continue to hold Jim and me in your prayers and positive thoughts. You all play a big part in this journey.

And those in our audience who just discovered Guidry News, you can be assured that our mission is still to provide credible, current, unbiased information to our audience and subscribers and a superior vehicle for our advertisers’ and sponsors’ messages.  Lynda

Monday, August 17
– I’m pleased to report that Jim is continuing to progress and today will be moving to the 5th floor of Kindred Hospital which is primarily for patients who are not in need of critical care and are capable of more intensive exercise and out of bed activities.

Each day, with gaining more control over his time and energies, Jim will be responding to the many special email messages and cards that he has received since May 29 from colleagues, friends, family, and of course our audience and supporters. You can send Jim a personal message to or to 4001 Fannin Street, Suite 4432, Houston, TX. 77004  

It is times such as these that we learn of the kindness and concern of those close to us, as well as those we’ve never actually met in person. We thank you and ask that you continue to keep Jim in your prayers and positive thoughts.  Lynda

Monday, August 10 – Jim is into his seventh week of respiratory therapies to overcome his need for breathing support. It also includes the long process of helping him to rebuild his muscle strength.  Long periods of lying in a hospital bed take a heavy toll. An essential element to his full recovery is his ability to get out of bed and become active again. This is a very slow and complex process for a person whose breathing is seriously compromised.

Each day he grows stronger and becomes more optimistic that he will soon be home and able to resume his daily routine.  In the meantime, Guidry News Service continues providing our customers and audience with high quality publications and services, as usual.

We’re grateful for the kindness that so many have shown to us and to our capable and hard working managing editor and GNS associates for their teamwork in carrying on while Jim and I are coping with this difficult situation.  Lynda

Monday, August 3 - Recovering from ARDS is an extremely diffcult process.  The courage Jim is exhibiting is a true inspiration to me and all who are working with him to restore his health. At this time I have no new information or timeline. He looks forward to the time when he will be feeling well enough to visit with his family and friends. Please continue to keep him in your daily prayers and positive thoughts. On July 20 Jim recorded this message to all of his friends, colleagues and loyal audience. Listen  

Sunday, July 26
- Jim is entering his third month of recovery.  His progress has been remarkable, mostly due to his sheer will to overcome his physical afflictions. As always, his good nature and positive attitude are serving him well and the encouragement he's getting from family, friends, colleagues and his audience is a true blessing.

Please continue to keep Jim and me in your daily prayers and positive thoughts so that we can soon be back among the many people and organizations we hold so dearly. 

You can send Jim a personal message to or to 4001 Fannin Street, Suite 4432, Houston, TX. 77004.

As always, we so very much appreciate your support of Guidry News Service and the work that our fine associates are doing to bring you our publications.  Lynda

Monday, July 20 – Jim has been struggling to overcome A.R.D.S. (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome), a life-threatening condition he acquired while in Christus St. Luke’s Hospital recovering from quadruple bi-pass heart surgery.  After six weeks of specialized care and therapies Jim is able to speak and has recorded a message to all of his friends, colleagues and loyal audience. Listen

Sunday, July 12- Jim celebrated his 73rd birthday on Monday, July 6 and Guidry News Service celebrated our 19th anniversary of operation on Wednesday, July 8.  So, it was a festive week as well as a week filled with hard work on Jim's part. His spirits are high, thanks to the many encouraging emails and greeting cards that he has received, and to the continued prayers and well-wishes sent his way by so many.  We're learning that Guidry News has followers from near and far, some old friends and many who found us through typical searches and have become fans. 

This is not an easy journey, but our managing editor Garrett Bryce has made the difference. While Jim recovers Guidry News continues to deliver quality information in a timely, unbiased fashion. I thank you one and all for your kindness and concern.  Lynda

Sunday, July 5 – It’s been a busy week of getting acquainted with the doctors, nursing and support services staff and various types of therapists at Kindred Hospital.

We celebrated the 4th of July by bringing our American flag that we usually fly from our balcony on patriotic holidays into Jim’s room. All who entered his room were inspired by it.  After a restful weekend, Jim will start again on Monday with intensive physical, occupational and pulmonary therapies.

Also, on Monday, July 6, Jim will celebrate his 73rd birthday. If you have a moment and would like to send him a birthday greeting at

I know it would brighten his day and get his week off to a great start. Lynda

Monday, June 29 - A lot has happened in the past week. On Tuesday, Jim moved from the ICU unit to the Progressive Care unit in the Cooley Heart Institute at St. Luke’s in anticipation of being released from the hospital, where he has spent the past month, and going to a specialized care facility prior to going home.

Thursday, Jim moved to Kindred Hospital in the Medical Center. Kindred is highly regarded for its intensive physical, occupational and respiratory therapies, as well as close attention to any other health issues a person may have.

Today will be his first full day of being up and active and he’s looking forward to it. He has a lot of work ahead of him, but we all know he’s no stranger to hard work.

Meanwhile, our Guidry News Service team will continue to deliver current, reliable, unbiased information for our audience. We are grateful for our loyal sponsors and subscribers and the confidence you put in our service. And your personal notes of encouragement are a blessing beyond measure.  Lynda

Monday, June 22 - As we enter into the 23rd day of Jim's recovery we want to praise our managing editor Garrett Bryce for the splendid job he's doing of performing his regular duties, as well as taking on much of the daily decision making that Jim normally handles. Working with reporter John David Suayan, contributing writers Jennifer Olin and Lora-Marie Bernard and contributing photographers Juan Pena and Robert Mihovil, Garrett carries on with the continuity and dependability that is our trademark.

Jim is receiving specialized care and physical therapy.  We hope that he will soon be able to have visitors. In the meantime, please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers and keep those cards and encouraging emails coming. Lynda 

Tuesday, June 16 - We are all used to Jim's tireless pursuit of excellence in providing the most accurate, current information for our audience's benefit and enjoyment.  At the moment and into the near future Jim will be required to put his high standards into his quest for optimum health. 

So many friends and colleagues have expressed a desire to send flowers and visit Jim to encourage him and to do anything needed to assist me at this very critical time. I ask that you send him greetings by email to or by mail to 4001 Fannin Street, #4432, Houston, TX.77004. I assure you that I will share them with him as soon as he is up to enjoying them.

The most important thing that we all can do is to remain positive that he will make a full recovery and to hold him up in your fervent prayers and most positive thoughts throughout each day.  And I ask that if you're reading this message that you'll share the link to our Front Page or directly to this Updates Page for the latest and best information that I can provide.  Lynda

Friday, June 12 - Jim will be hospitalized for an undetermined period of time. He is making progress and is very appreciative of the concern of his friends, family  and audience. Lynda is posting updates, as time allows, on the Front Page of Lynda asks that personal greetings of encouragement be sent to Jim's email address at, and mailing address, 4001 Fannin St. Suite 4432, Houston, TX 77004. She will be advising as to visitation and other matters when she has that information.       

Tuesday, June 9 - Jim is making good progress and is very appreciative of the concern of his friends and audience. He’s improving daily. Lynda is posting updates, as time allows, on the Front Page of, where she has provided Jim’s email address and mailing address for those who would like to send personal greetings of encouragement.  Lynda is doing well and appreciates the many offers of help and concern.  She will be advising as to visitation and other matters when she has that information.

Monday, June 8 -  Over the weekend, Jim concentrated on getting the rest and nutrition he needed for his first physical therapy session, this morning. He did well and will remain in ICU for an undetermined time and monitored very closely as a precaution against complications. He is alert and as keen as usual, yet fragile. We appreciate the concern of our friends and family and are humbled by our audience's interest and support.. My energies are being spent on Jim's recovery,and the needs of our business. Please continue to pray for us and to check here for the updates I will be posting. as time allows. Lynda
Friday, June 5 - Jim continues to make progress, and is improving every day. I appreciate everyone's continued support, as I still receive a flood of well wishes. As time will be spent now focusing on Jim's recovery, I'll provide updates periodically, but not daily as he regains his health. Lynda

Thursday, June 4 - Today was a good day.  Jim was moved from Critical Cardiac Care to Intensive Care.  His doctors are very pleased with his progress.  Many have asked about visiting him, but it is much too soon for that.  He still has a lot of work ahead of him.  I will be sharing all of the messages of encouragement and support with Jim and I know that it will boost his spirits and determination to make a complete recovery. Lynda           

Wednesday, June 3 - Jim has made remarkable progress in the past 24 hours and is now aware of what has been happening for the past six days.  He's resting comfortably tonight. Lynda          
Tuesday, June 2 - Jim is responding well to the exceptional care he's receiving.  We very much appreciate the outpouring of concern and messages of well wishes.  Lynda   

On Friday, May 29, publisher Jim Guidry suffered a severe heart attack  He underwent quadruple by-pass surgery at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center in Houston.

He is receiving intensive care and shows signs of progress daily.  

In his absence, GNS editor Garrett Bryce and I, along with GNS associates will continue to provide our readers with the same high quality reporting that is Jim’s signature.  

I will be at his side throughout this challenging time and will be offering updates on his condition through our publications.  

Jim and I have many plans for our growing enterprise and our life together and humbly ask for your positive thoughts and fervent prayers that Jim will make a complete recovery.   

You can send Jim a personal message to or to 4001 Fannin Street, Suite 4432, Houston, TX. 77004.

As always, we so very much appreciate your encouragement and support of Guidry News Service.  

Warm regards,   


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