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City of Shoreacres
News Release
Monday, August 28, 2017

City Water & Sewer Service

Shoreacres' Water is 100% Safe for Drinking

City water facilities and associated equipment is undamaged and functioned as usual throughout the storm. 

There has been no loss of water pressure or disruption of safe drinking water. Shoreacres' water is 100% safe for drinking.

Shoreacres's Sewer System 

Sinks, showers, and bathtubs might be slow to drain, and your toilets may flush slowly, but there is no reason not to continue to use your home's wastewater plumbing whenever necessary

The city's wastewater pumping stations worked throughout the storm and are still fully functional today.

Unfortunately however, we cannot keep floodwater out of our underground sewer collection lines. We are pumping extraordinary volumes of water to be treated. That extra storm water is competing with our wastewater and has filled our sewer pipes to capacity. As long as we have floodwater in the streets (anywhere) your plumbing fixtures may be slow to drain or flush.   

Under these circumstances there is always a risk that your sewer pipes might back-up. If so, the first place you should see wastewater will be in your shower or bathtub. In the majority of cases of back-ups caused by flooding conditions the back-up will be temporary and will go back down on it's own. Plunging or plugging your pipes would not be effective and is not recommended. Once the wastewater recedes rinse your shower and/or bathtub with water mixed with a cup of common bleach. 

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