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Washington D.C.
Congressman Brian Babin
News Release
Thursday, November 16, 2017

Babin Applauds House Passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Washington, DC – Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, landmark legislation that will overhaul our broken tax code and deliver much needed tax relief and simplification to the American people and job creators. In response to its passage, Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) released the following video message:

“Today is a good day for hardworking Americans. We just passed legislation that will let taxpayers keep more of their paycheck to save, spend, and invest as they see fit. Our bill – the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – will overhaul our broken tax code and finally put the American taxpayer first. We can all agree that hardworking taxpayers are the losers under the current system. Right now, our tax code rewards lawyers, lobbyists and loopholes – while leaving hardworking families and job creators behind. The bill we passed today will change all of that.  To me, there is only one special interest group that matters – and that is the American people.

“That’s why we simplify the tax code and cut taxes for all Americans to ensure hardworking Americans – like the people I represent in Southeast Texas – can keep more of their hard-earned money. It has been more than 30 years since the last time we overhauled our tax code. And since then it has grown to more than 70,000 pages.  I like to put it this way; our current tax code is now longer than the Bible with none of the good news. Over the past 30 years, Washington has piled up all these carveouts and loopholes for special interests —making things far too complicated and far too expensive for hardworking families.

“This needs to end – and today the House took a historic step to fix that and deliver long overdue tax relief to the American people. Here are the details; first, we get rid of loopholes. Then we use that money to lower taxes. And then, we simplify the code altogether.  Now, instead of seven confusing tax brackets and carveouts, there will be just four – making things so simple that you can file your taxes on a postcard.

“Importantly, we also double the standard deduction, increase the child tax credit, eliminate the Death Tax, and preserve the home mortgage interest deduction. In addition – to help create more good jobs right here in America – we lower the tax rate on job creators from 35% down to 20%.  Today, many of America’s biggest job producers face the highest tax rate in the world – which makes America less competitive and forces jobs overseas.  We fix that in our bill – because we want companies to invest, grow and produce jobs right here in America. We also reduce the tax rate on the income earned by small businesses to no more than 25% – the lowest tax rate on small business income since World War II.

“Folks, let us not forget. When we reformed the tax system over 30 years ago, it led to an explosion in jobs and economic growth. With the passage of this bill, we are now on the verge of achieving such greatness again. This is an exciting time – and the American people deserve some good news. I urge my colleagues in the Senate to quickly follow our lead and get a bill passed so we can deliver a tax relief bill to the American people before Christmas. For more details on our bill, please visit www.FairAndSimple.GOP.”

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