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News Release
Saturday, November 18, 2017

Point of Personal Privilege Statement In Honor of Steve Mostyn

(Houston, Texas) "Many throughout Texas and the nation know of the great works of Steve Mostyn, the super lawyer, super donor of Democratic politics, and super philanthropist of charitable causes.  He certainly was all these things and more. Today, I write with a deep-filled privilege to have truly known Steve Mostyn, the super friend, and quite simply, the super man. Although I speak with a heavy heart, I also have the fortune to be able to cradle so many fond memories that we enjoyed over many years with his remarkable wife, Amber, who is my dear friend.  Amber embraced me in a spirit sisterhood long ago when I first met them as a young, dynamic, inspiring couple. She is also one of the strongest, sweetest women I know.

Steve possessed many gifts and talents, such as the gifts of extreme intelligence, keen insight and sharp instinct. He was also blessed with a big heart that eventually grew even bigger than the size of Texas.  His goals and dreams grew in accord with his heart and his humanity.  Steve refused to accept the status quo of any situation that had the potential to be more. Having an additional gift of emotional intelligence, he lived on the eternal quest to learn and grow more, with the ultimate goal of depositing more into this world than withdrawing from it.  He accomplished that, too.

Those of us who knew him and loved him, acknowledged that while he was the captain of his own vessel, he also served as compass and anchor to his family and friends whenever we navigated through choppy waters and stormy seas.

Over the course of several years, Steve advised me on how to succeed in the legal profession, how to read the political tea leaves and sometimes just how to move through life's winding roads.  However, Steve was not just my legal colleague, nor my "political friend," he was just "my friend".  The core of our relationship was based on respect, humor,  and a genuine ease and compatibility. 

I recall these words from Steve, "You know what Shawnie T, no matter how much I purchase or accumulate, I really operate knowing that the best things in life are free. Your time is free - but it's so valuable.  Real friendship is free, but it's rare, so it's priceless.'

An exciting, bold, compassionate creature of contradictions, Steve should be remembered as a piercing star in the constellation of human beings. Our skies of Texas will shine a little less bright tonight and every night without him, yet he has left us with so much to learn from, strive for, and work towards.

With pride for his extraordinary life and legacy, I say to my mentor,  my ace, my friend, 'You ran your race, you fought the good fight, you finished your course.  You made all of our lives safer, better and brighter.  Now it is our turn to do for you.  Rest peacefully with your fellow shining stars, big guy.  Rest.'

I miss Steve already and will work to honor his legacy always."

Remembering Jim Guidry

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