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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

New Trends in Scam Risk
BBB released our 2017 Scam Risk Report today;

Our BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust compiles and publishes a Scam Risk Report annually based on trends from Scam Tracker reports on BBB.ORG.

The report includes a risk rating - a three-dimensional measure of scam risk based on the intersection of exposure, susceptibility, and monetary loss.


How likely are you to be targeted by a particular scam?

  •  #1 - of all scams reported – online shopping 

  •  #2 – Travel/Vacation scams (FL/Disney/Mexico/Bahamas) 

  • #3 – Home Improvement


What are your odds of losing money when exposed?

  • #1 - online shopping - 73%

  • # 2 - investment scams – 50%

  •  #3 – home improvement – 45%

Monetary Loss:

If you do lose money, what is the likely magnitude of the loss?

  •  #1 Family/Friend Emergency - $3,000

  •  #2 Investment Scam - $2,300 

  •  #3 Employment Scams

  •  **NOTE – in SETX #1 is home improvement

  •   in SETX #2 is Employment Scams

What was the most common marketplace scam in 2017?

  • Different from 2016;

    •  #1 is online shopping.

    •  #2 Investment Scams

#1 Scams by Age Range:

18-24 Fake Check/Money Order

25-34 Employment

35-44 Online Purchase

45-54 Investment

55-64 Romance

65+ Tech Support

Final Notes: Our messaging must pose the paradox—the more you think you can’t be conned, the more likely you are to be a victim. BBB Scam Tracker works to remove embarrassment, empower consumer action and encourage peer-to-peer awareness. If we can understand more precisely how scam loss affects its victims, we can increase the effectiveness of the initiatives we undertake to help victims of scams.
It is our hope that this report will be applied as a tool to inform decisions in education and enforcement and, in doing so, encourage an approach to this problem that tips the scales more decisively against scammers.

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