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League City City Council
by Garrett Bryce w/photos courtesy League City
Wednesday, January 09, 2019

League City City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to adopt roadway capital recovery fees.

The item was approved on first and final reading, also by unanimous vote.

The fee will be imposed on on a per service unit basis on new developments for all types of land use and will fund roadway infrastructure improvements within League City.

A public hearing was held prior to consideration of the item. Area developers addressed the city council in opposition to the fee and asked for further talks on the item. Listen (9:10)

Council members spoke favorably of the fees.

Council Member Nick Long said that the fee “is a new tax.”

“But the best kind of taxes are the ones that are applied directly to the people causing the expenditure,” Long said. Listen (9:29)

He said that the matter was a “zero sum game.”

“Either the new houses that are creating the demand for new roadways pay for that cost, or the other 105,000 current residents of League City pick up that cost, either way that cost has to be paid for,” Long said.

Council Member Larry Millican agreed with Long and noted that League City “is a very desirable place to live” and pointed to growth in the city and in Houston. He said it was a means of having a vision for growth.

“I think that this is the first step that we can do that we can impact what we receive from the developers,” Millican said, stating that the fees were for major thoroughfares.

The city council voted unanimously to postpone action regarding revised guidelines for the installation of speed humps in existing neighborhoods.

The city council voted 6-1, with Long opposed, to adopt a resolution establishing a legislative program as part of the city's Advocacy Program. Todd Kenzie was not present at the time of the vote.

The city council took no action regarding award of a construction contract to Conrad Construction Co., LTD for the Downtown Revitalization Plan – Park Avenue Reconstruction Project. The item was pulled from the agenda.

The city council voted unanimously to approve the nominations of Loretta Roberts, Emily Krone, Bruce Weddell, Chelsi Honeycutt and Mike Cobb to the Ethics Review Board.

The city council voted unanimously to approve appointments and reappointments to various boards and commsisions.

Council members Nick Long and Hank Dugie, as well as John VanDever, Jr., Traci Jacobs, Paul Maaz, Steve Burzinski, Charles Howard, Zak Kone and Gabriel Allen were named to the Finance Committee.

Howard Jones, William Kent and Malcom Daly were named to the Section 4B Industrial Development Corporation Board of Directors.

Pamela Arnold, Annette Ramirez, Ed Poole and Gene Bindhammer were named to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Kathleen Benoit, Michael Hendershot, Paul Lopez were named as regular members, and Robert Kline as alternate, to the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

The city council voted unanimously to approve, on first and final reading, to amend the city's Code of Ordinances to update and codify the existing regulations that established the police department.

The city council voted 5-3, with Long, Millican and Andy Mann opposed, to approve an ordinance to rezone approximately 41.65 acres from a Residential-Single Family District to a Planned Unit Development District and to repeal and replace the existing Duncan Planned Unit Development District to create a new PUD totaling 1,747.4 acres.

The city council voted unanimously to approve a development agreement with West FM 517, LTD for regional water and wastewater facilities. Council Member Greg Gripon was not present during the vote.

The city council took no action regarding the potential purchase or sale of real property interests. The item and an executive session for discussion was pulled from the agenda.

The city council took no action resulting from closed session discussions on legal issues related to Municipal Utility District No. 6.

The city council took no action resulting from closed session discussions regarding the presiding municipal court judge.

All other items were approved by unanimous vote. All members were present, with Council Member Todd Kenzie leaving during the meeting and not voting on several items. Agenda Supplemental

During the meeting, the city was presented a certificate of achievement for planning excellence from the Texas Chapter of the American Planning Association.

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